3D Projects
Modeling (Unfinished)
A collection of 3D models I've made in Fusion 360 by sketching. They are either made from scratch to create something new or made to fit onto something to repair or enhance a part.
A collection of various 3D-scanned things that I thought would be interesting to preserve in a digital format. I also scan broken parts to sculpt pieces that can be printed and fit onto the original. You can view them in 3D and read about the process there.
Printing (Unfinished)
Over the last few years I've printed all sorts of things and tuned the firmware and settings to get reliable results and correct dimensions. The materials being used are PLA, PET and TPU.
Learning Japanese
Practice Writing Scripts
Practice the reading of Hiragana and Katakana as well as the meaning of various Kanji characters. Once you feel confident, you may choose to compete on the leaderboard to test the speed of your memory.
Study Kanji and Vocabulary
Look up Kanji characters and study their meaning and their various On- and Kun-readings. You will also find useful words that use the different Kanji characters and can listen to their pronunciation.
Practice Kanji and Vocabulary
習うより慣れろ, practice makes perfect. I have created two tools for honing your Japanese skills. One is for rehearsing Kanji and the other is for vocabulary where you can have the the words read to you and you can answer by speaking.
Photography (Unfinished)
Dogs & Other Animals
Mainly pictures taken of our dogs on walks in different areas of Scania, but also some of wildlife and animals at zoo. The majority have been taken with a smartphone, partly due to convenience but also because of the challenge. A good picture is much more than the sharpness of the image.
With dogs, particularly the spoiled kind, you will be spending a lot of time walking and seeing beautiful scenery all year round. I usually try to capture a good view when I see one, sometimes successfully, other times not. What the eyes see is often not translating well into a picture, but careful framing can yield a good result.
This is where I put pictures that do not belong in the other categories. Like flowers, buildings, sculptures, gardens and other things. There is usually something interesting to find regardless of where you are, but it is not always obvious.
Know Your Science
A website created to present the result of our course project at Lund University. This site lets users search for names of people throughout history who have worked in any science related field. The information it contains has been extracted from Wikipedia and Wikidata.
Kraków Workshop
I presented our work at the "From Digitization to Knowledge" workshop in Kraków, 2016. It was part of a larger conference called Digital Humanities. Our research paper has also been published as part of the proceedings in Linköping University Electronic Press.
Big Data
This is a so called "Big Data" project, which requires specialized tools to handle tens of gigabytes at a time. We coded a program in Java which communicates with Apache Spark. Spark caches the data intelligently and lets us search through it. Our program processes the data and adds it directly to our database.